Skilled communicator with the heart of a teacher,
mind of a technologist, and soul of an artist.

At my core, I am a communicator. From my early work as a 3D software designer, to my current career
as a media producer and digital technology professor, communicating effectively has always been my primary goal.
Pursuit of this has taken various forms: from crafting visual film stories to designing narrative game mechanics
to speaking and writing. I also have a passion for teaching others to communicate effectively in their chosen medium.

My Work


Since my time as a graduate student at USC, I have been designing and creating games. My focus has always been on crafting story-driven emotional experiences, using unique modes of gameplay to involve players in the narrative.

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Films and Videos

I have written and produced numerous short films, commercials, and motion graphic promos, both for-hire and independently. This includes the award-winning short, "God of Commerce," which explores our addiction to commercialism.

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