Idols: God of Commerce

Ancient people worshipped a variety of gods, believing their sacrifices would ensure prosperity, fertility, success in battle, and more. But perhaps we still put our hope in these gods today. “God of Commerce” explores this idea.

The original version was a short film produced in 2013. After a trip to the Game Developers Conference, I was inspired to create a "vignette game" version. This resulted in a short game that uses footage from the film, but gives the player a choice in whether to fall into Commerce's clutches or seek out the true God.

Download Game for Windows Download Game for Mac

System Requirements: Game should run on most Windows PCs (2013 or later). Newer Macs (2017 and later) supported, while older Macs may have issues.

Film Credits

Winner: Best Church Promo, International Christian Film Festival (2014, Irvine, CA)
Writer/Director/Game Designer: Michael Steffen • Cinematographers: Kevin Schumacher & Tonya Lehman • Sound Design: Raphael Melgar • Music: Jason Haury • Cast: Cris O'Bryon as Commerce & Janine Walz as Sam

Game Credits

Cityscape Matte Art: Adriana DeCarlo • Design and Programming: Michael Steffen • Built with Unreal Engine, © Epic Games, Inc.

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